God and A Cup of Coffee

Join us for a cup of coffee and be present in the moment with God.

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Judging: Why is this hard to correct? Why does it happen so easily?

Troy Rivera

Jun 22 2016

Every day we come in contact with many people. We observe and analyze what their business looks like. Yes, we judge. We judge our food, our clothes, our life, and others. This week we look at what scripture has to say about judging.

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Distractions and Noise

Troy Rivera

Jun 14 2016

How do you start your day? What are the routes or habits you automatically do? Do you spend time with God first thing? Do you make time throughout your day? Well, this week we discuss the idea of how distractions and noises of the world consume our liv...

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God and A Cup of Coffee: Surrendering to His Will

Troy Rivera

Jun 05 2016

What does it really mean to surrender to God? Is it a defeat or something more? Join us as we discuss the meaning behind surrendering to God's will. Also, learn more about what a Novena is.

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God and A Cup of Coffee: Wants and Needs

Troy Rivera

May 29 2016

So many times in our lives we become confused as to what are our needs and wants. God knows the needs for us and wants us to really examine the wants. Join us as we reflect on scripture from the book of Luke and our wants and needs.
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God and A Cup of Coffee Coming Soon...

Troy Rivera

May 25 2016

When was the last time you sat down and spent time with God? Well, join us in this time dedicated to God and enjoy a cup of coffee at the same time.
We all have moments of glory or tribulations. Let us get together and share our stories. Share how God...

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